Contractor Information

Contractor: JanTec Inc. 6755 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste. D, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone:    (702) 870-5200

Fax:        (702) 870-5320


Contract Administrator: JanTec Inc. 6755 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste. D, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone:    (702) 870-5200

Fax:        (702) 870-5320


Business Size: Woman-Owned Small Business
CCR Registered: Yes
DUNS Number: 11-540-3057
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Contract Information

Awarded Special Item Numbers (SIN): Please refer to SIN Descriptions below for a detailed description.

  • 811-002 – Facilities Maintenance
  • 811-003 – Facilities Management
  • 811-1000 – Other Direct Costs
Minimum/Maximum Order: $100.00/$750,000.00
Geographic Coverage: Continental U.S. Only
Basic Discount: TBD
Quantity Discount: TBD
Prompt Payment Discount: 0.5% if invoice is paid within 10 days
Gov Purchase Card Accepted: Yes
Foreign Items: None
Delivery Times:     Normal:     Emergency:


     Overnight and 2 Day:


30-45 Days ARO5-10 Days

14-29 Days

We do offer overnight and 2 day delivery. Contact our Contract Administrator,, for details.

Agencies can contact our Contract Administrator,, to possibly affect a faster delivery.

Ordering Address: JanTec Inc. 6759 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste. 150, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Attn:      Contracts


Payment Address: JanTec Inc. 6755 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste. D, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Attn:      Accounting


Warranty Provision: Agencies can contact our Contract Administrator,, for the terms and conditions of our warranty.  Back to Top

SIN Descriptions

811-002 Facilities Maintenance Services included under Facilities Maintenance (SIN 811-002):

  • Interior and exterior building maintenance including painting, locksmith services, roofing repair, plumbing and pipefitting, carpentry, masonry, and refrigeration services
  • Utilities systems maintenance including electrical distribution systems including high/low voltage systems, Energy Management Control Services (EMCS), heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC), water distribution systems
  • Grounds maintenance including landscaping, tree trimming, snow removal, and paving
  • Pest control
  • Refuse collection and disposal
  • Elevator inspection and maintenance services
  • Fire alarm maintenance and protection systems
811-003 Facilities Management Services included under Facilities Management (SIN 811-003):

  • Site management
  • Quality Control
  • Work planning and scheduling,
  • Computerize Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to automate workflow management, cost accounting, and report generation
  • Staff management and HR services
811-1000 Other Direct Costs Charges in direct support of services provided under all other SINs in the Services Department. These charges include accessories or ancillary services needed for, or utilized in performance of, a specific task under this department.   Back to Top

Order Procedure

Procedures for Services Priced on GSA Schedules at Hourly Rates

GSA provides a streamlined, efficient process for ordering the services you need. GSA has determined that JanTec, Inc. meets the technical requirements and that our prices offered are fair and reasonable. However, the ordering office using this contract is responsible for considering the level of effort and mixes of labor proposed to perform specific tasks being ordered and for making a determination that the total firm-fixed price (FFP) or ceiling price is fair and reasonable. Delivery orders may be placed by either the Federal agency or the GSA Federal Supply Service. These ordering procedures take precedence over FAR 8.404.

The following ordering procedures were developed to assist our customer agencies in the purchase of services that are priced at hourly rates. Agencies may use written orders; electronic data interchange (EDI) orders, credit card orders, blanket purchase agreement orders, individual purchase orders, or task orders under this contract. If it is determined that your agency needs an outside source to provide Facility Maintenance & Management services, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Develop a Statement of Work (SOW)

In the SOW, include the following information

  • Work to be performed
  • Location of work
  • Period of performance
  • Delivery schedule
  • Performance standards
  • Special requirements, where applicable (i.e., security clearances, travel, special knowledge

Step 2. Select contractor and place order

If the order is under $2,500, select the contractor best suited for your needs and place the order.

Step 3. Prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ)

If the order is over $2,500:

  • Prepare an RFP
  • Include the SOW
  • Request fixed price, ceiling price, or, if not possible, labor hour or time and materials order to perform the services described in the SOW
    • A firm-fixed price (FFP) order shall be requested unless the ordering office makes a determination that it is not possible to estimate accurately the extent or duration of work or to anticipate cost with any reasonable degree of confidence
    • If such a determination is made, a labor hour quote may be requested. A ceiling price must be established for labor hour and time-and-material orders.
    • The FFP shall be based on the hourly rates in the Federal Supply Schedule contract and shall consider the mix of labor categories and level of effort required to perform the services described in the statement of work
    • The FFP of the order may include any other incidental costs related to performance of the services ordered
    • Reimbursements of travel costs at the rates provided in the Federal Travel or Joint Travel Regulation rates, or as a fixed-price incidental line item.
  • If preferred, request a performance plan from contractors and information on past experience; and include information on the basis for selection.
  • Include information on the selection criteria and intended use of past performance factors.

Ordering offices should strive to minimize the contractor s cost associated with responding to RFQs. Tailor the RFQ to the minimum level necessary to make a best value selection. Oral presentations should be considered whenever possible.

Step 4. Submit your RFQ to at least three firms

  • Evaluate catalogs and price lists to identify the contractors that appear to offer the best value
  • Provide the RFQ to at least three (3) contractors if the order exceeds the micro-purchase level or the maximum purchase threshold

Step 5. Evaluate offers, select best value firm, and place order

  • Evaluate contactors based on the factors identified in the RFQ
  • Select the contractor that represents the best value to meet the Government’s needs

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Supplemental Information

  1. FAR 8.402 contemplates that GSA may occasionally find it necessary to establish special ordering procedures for individual Federal Supply Schedules or for some Special Item Numbers (SINs) within a Schedule. GSA has established special ordering procedures for services that are priced Federal Schedule contract at hourly rates. These special ordering procedures take precedence over the procedures in FAR 8.404.
  2. When the ordering office’s requirement involves both products as well as professional services; the ordering office should total the prices for the products and the firm-fixed price for the services and select the contractor that represents the greatest value in terms of meeting the ordering offices total needs.
  3. The ordering office, should document orders purchased from the contractor and the amount paid. If other than a FFP order is placed, such documentation should include the basis for the determination to use a labor hour order. For agency requirements in excess of the micro-purchase threshold, the order file should document the evaluation of contractors quotes that formed the basis for the selection of the contractor that received the order and the rationale for any trade-offs made in making the selection.

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Rates for Services

     Contact our Contracts Administrator,, for our most current pricing for your project.